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Three years in the making, Inner-Rebel started as a niche brand called, Cheek Peek. I bring this up because without Cheek Peek, Inner-Rebel wouldn't be what it is today.

You see, my mission with Cheek Peek was to create a brand that encouraged us to feel confident in our own skin. But then, I realized my purpose in life was actually bigger. Much bigger.

Not only do I want to champion a clothing brand that brings body positivity to all, I want to challenge the fashion industry as it exists today. My focus: to select fabrics that are created in sustainable ways so we minimize our impact on the planet.

I'd like to say that while Inner-Rebel is a brand, I am a person - Shelley, specifically. 😊 I'll do all I can for the brand to grow so that Inner-Rebel can disrupt the current industry habits, but I pledge to always be a PERSON. I will always select fabrics that are deemed good for our earth. I'll work to give you fun designs at reasonable prices so we can work toward less fast fashion in our world. I will always speak to you like we are sitting down at a coffee shop because that's just me - I don't want to behave like some large corporate entity that loses all sight of who & what and actually matters.

I’m Shelley; I’m Inner-Rebel. It’s so nice to (finally) meet you.

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